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I enjoy discussing research and presenting my work. Typically, I'll start by introducing microtubules, so if you already know about them, feel free to skip past the first couple of minutes in each talk.

Light at the End of a Tunnel: Microtubules for Long Range Energy Transport in Neurons

August 2021

My research interests are focussed more towards using proteins in devices, but this forward-looking talk described some ideas on how microtubule photonics could play functionally relevant roles in the cell.

Although we are a long way from utilizing light energy in cells,  models show that microtubules could act as waveguides that transmit optical information. These models suggest that proteins could play important roles in intracellular computing (a particularly fascinating aspect enabled by their lattice-like structure) and may even be useful within medical devices.

Exploring the Bioelectric Properties of Microtubules and Tubulin

November 2020

The talk described my Ph.D. research on revealing and attenuating the electrical properties of tubulin and microtubules. The presentation discusses how microtubules can serve as hotspots for the storage and transmission of electrical information in the cell.

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